Sunday, August 19, 2007

a good showing

We made a good showing this week with quilt progress but alas, the wedding was last night and the quilt is still sitting rolled up on my kitchen table with only basting stitches. Seeing as how we didnt make the date anyway Im going to go where Ive never been before-- Im going to machine quilt the thing together. Im planning to do vertical lines with uneven spacing between them rather than echoing the pattern. I had that pattern in mind and then I saw this quilt on flickr and it reinforced my decision.

quilt top

quilt back

basting it together

and a matching card

I find it somewhat surprising that n wanted to embark on this project in the first place and even more surprising that he seemed to enjoy the process. Im hoping that he will want to work with me on a quilt for his brother's wedding because it sure does go faster with two people! Look at me, Im not even finished with this one yet and Im already planning the next one... To be honest Ive had that plan in my head since they got engaged but now it seems more do-able. Im thinking something like this:

What do you think? Any suggestions of other great modern-ish style quilts?


karrie said...

The uneven lines quiltign looks really good! If you need to borrow my sewing machine you are welcome to it.

I also like the maroon quilt - i like the ones that only have a small area of quilting and big solid parts. Less work!

Lisa K. said...

I love the vertical lines on mithrilsea's minty what a bunch of squares quilt. That would look fantastic on this project.

I think this is my first time visiting your blog; I look forward to taking a look around.

The Calico Cat said...

I want to do that "roots" quilt... Mine will be more like the "other" one on her site... I will be using orangey yellows and some Heather Ross prints with lavendar for the center strip and binding.

BTW I am about to link to this post on my blog. (What a bunch of Squares is my "next" D.S. Quilt - unless Ice pops askes nicely...)