Friday, November 24, 2006

a beast of a sweater

Many months ago Carmen scored a lot of superbulky yarn from the ebay branch of right as the website stopped carrying it (and the price was subsequently raised from $5 to $12). The yarn is really nice and Ive made several hats out of it (pattern for cabled hat). I decided to make a raglan cardigan but I wasnt sure 10 skeins was going to be enough. I have knit and re-knit most parts of this sweater several times because I apparently have no ability to plan out a project ahead of time and I keep changing my mind. I just decided I wanted pockets, but not patch pockets since I wont have much extra yarn, so I ripped out the whole body back to the top of the pockets. Its pretty quick knitting and this is the sort of sweater that should have been done in about a weekend but my indecision has drawn it out for months. It also weighs a ton. All I have to say is thank goodness for interchangeable needles!


rosebrier said...

You can do it!
I think you like it too much to finish. :)

sarah said...

awesome sweater...perhaps you need to go somewhere a little colder to appreciate that heavy == warm?

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