Sunday, March 25, 2007

She Spins!

Suzie is all fixed and ready to go. I still dont really know what I am doing spinning-wise but at least I have a working spinning wheel.

There were two broken parts from the accident (UPS dropped Suzie, maybe off of a forklift). The broken drive mechanism had to be ordered from Majacraft in New Zealand but it didnt take too long to get here. The broken baseboard was repaired by a carpentry enabled friend (thanks!!) and looks good-as-new. The wheel only ended up costing me the price of replacement parts if you dont count the years of life I lost due to stress over it. Im not sure it was worth it. Im so happy to have it all resolved!

On another happy note, since I didnt end up spending all that money on a spinning wheel I decided I would buy another toy instead - perfect for our upcoming trip to Utah.

Here is a gratuitous photo of Apollo with the new camera!

1 comment:

rosebrier said...

Wow apollo looks a little stunned. Wheel looks lovely.