Thursday, February 08, 2007

letting me down

Its been a frustrating week around here and although none of my problems are life-threatening (or even really bad) they sure have managed to bring my mood down. There has been a lot of drama round these parts lately (other people have real problems i wish I could fix)-- its about time things started looking up for everyone.

Culprit #1: UPS
Im pretty sure they have lost a box** on its way to me that was fairly precious. Its insured and technically replaceable but after the emotional rollercoaster im not sure im ready to invest in another attempt.
**Update: They found the box but the contents are severely damaged. I imagine that might be why they "lost" it. There are sheared bolts so some serious dropping must have been involved....

Culprit #2: Stanford's ******* Coach
He has been disrespectful and just plain not nice.

Culprit #3: The Internet
I just want to buy a pair of shoes! I know im picky but there is the whole internet out there-why cant i find what i want in my size?


Jay said...

sista, you need a hug! and some chocolate!!!!!!!!!!

jc in ak

Hugo said...